The Cornerstone of Daily Accomplishment?

FFOver40 with a quick little post.

When people ask us what is the key to appearing in such lean condition year round, we wish we could just show them this picture.  😉

AM Cardio on Bike


It truly is the cornerstone of our daily accomplishment.  If you need more info, search the following articles:

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Oh and as you age, THIS becomes even more important.

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  • sgsims1

    There are quite a few HIT proponents, including Drew Baye and David Landau, that don’t advocate doing any cardio at all; but choose to rely on diet. It seems Markus does advocate some cardio…perhaps you guys could write an article as to why you have maintained the use of cardio even as you have moved more towards HIT protocols?

    • Thanks for your comment brother. This is definitely worthy of an entire article. Drew and David are both right. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT you can get ripped or “maximally lean” without any cardio whatsoever. But in TMC’s world with two little girls who eat whatever and whenever they want(again another topic for a great blog), it’s a lot easier if our diet is a bit lax (well sometimes hugely lax lol) and we compensate with some additional kcal burning through cardio.

      And quite honestly, it’s pretty boring to eat a diet of extremely low kcals for any length of time. If you can do 20-45 minutes of cardio per day(depending on your intensity and propensity to burn or lose muscle at said intensity)and eat another 3-400kcals per day to compensate or wash out the cardio, why not do it? You just have to understand your body precisely and know when too much is too much. Excess cardio can put you in a catabolic state and also increase cortisol/catecholimine production. You definitely don’t want that kind of hormonal cascade going on at the last stages of dieting for a competition.

      In utilizing Drew and Dave’s advice it really comes down to willpower and focus. If you can eat a 10-12kcal per pound diet for a couple of months through hard training, a mentally stimulating job and child rearing, then you don’t need any cardio at all. If you want to eat more or at least give your body some cheat meals or “day’s off” during the dieting, doing some cardio while avoiding muscle loss isn’t a bad thing. And one thing we’re not discussing at all here is the psychological effect cardio can provide. It might be placebo, but if it stimulates encalphins or endorphin release, it’s a good thing for many different reasons.

      Thanks for your question.

  • Well balanced and thought out reply, especially for someone like me whose fat loss has stalled due to much of the same distractions you describe…..although perhaps not as effective, I may try to Incorporate some afternoon sessions.

  • Rob

    If you don’t do any cardio, you can look good. But you will never be fit. You will never be good at sports or climbing or prepared to handle a strenuous situation that lasts longer than 30 seconds.

    • Good points Rob. But it really depends on the condition you are in from “weight training”. Some folks do a really advanced form of “interval weight training” where both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is achieved. TMC does perform cardio for many reasons one of which is to be prepared for “fight or flight”. But you can definitely be “prepared aerobically” from very advanced high intensity sports specific weight training as well. We appreciate your patronage of the blog and your commentary.