Why Fabulously Fit Over 40?

Jay and I have noticed many individuals in their 40’s and beyond who have the tendency to give up and think they are “too old” to make a change or a difference.  This is crazy…life is meant to be lived…full throttle.  Why not live life at the highest level of YOUR OWN potential?

A little background on me (Monica).  I am far from a professional athlete.  I grew up as what some would call a “nerd”.  I was very insecure and sure as hell had no idea on how to communicate with anyone.  One thing I knew for certain at a young age was I wanted to be physically fit and STOP the talking in my head.  What did this look like?  I had no clue.  I had 3 kids in my 20’s and “trained” to be in the best shape possible while questioning who I wanted to be. Unfortunately, I had no time or energy to research how to do this properly.  I was an expert at going through the motions.  I knew I wanted to be better…I wanted to be at peace…I wanted to feel and look better…but how?

After much heartache from past relationships…Jay and I met on (of all places) Match.com!  After dating for a couple of months, we realized the amazing synergy we shared professionally and 18 months later-here we are as JayMonica aka Fabulously Fit Over 40.  For the many of you who were readers of Jay’s previous blog -you know he had the time to research…dig and experiment on himself and others with the best nutritional habits and training exercises to achieve his best possible physique (Damn…have you seen his photos?).  I, on the other hand, had to dig deep to discover who I wanted to be.

I have been to many “self help” classes, been through life coaching, had business coaches, joined mastermind groups, read almost every self help book ever published…and thru it all have continued to search for wisdom!  My need for information and higher knowledge is insatiable.  Let’s face it, our days on this physical earth are numbered. Why not live it filled with a degree of peace and happiness?  We all have contrast in our lives and and learning to live with it happily should be every person’s goal.

This blog is about both our respective journey’s and the amazing tools we have discovered along the way.  As individuals who have lived life through incredibly impactful experiences filled with much contrast, we are excited to share what we’ve learned with each and every one of you.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.  We are inspired to share our knowledge and passion with each of you.  It is our steadfast goal to see you:

Be the Best You Ever!

  • Sally Edwards

    Dear Monica,

    Thank You

    You are a true inspiration and love your fearless go getter attitude! You and Jay….Look so Great together. Thank you for the sites you recommended and all you have shared.

    Happy 2014. to you and your beautiful family.

    • Thank you Sally! I have learned so much from you! You have such charm. Keep smiling your warm, radiant smile! Much love to you 🙂