A Bikini Body in 6 Weeks Guaranteed!

FFOver40 wanted to throw a quick blog together for all the fit conscious ladies.  It’s definitely that time of the year.  Folks on the east coast (and other global cold weather climes)are dreaming of showing off their new bikini bodies.

Maybe you’re preparing for a wedding?  Or going on a cruise, or maybe an exotic beach vacation?  Or maybe you are in the planning stages of a spring break destination of fun and sun?   You wanna rock a bikini but do you look the part?

It can be really confusing trying to figure it out.  Dieting, training, cardio, supplements.  Trying to put a concise plan together can be daunting and nearly impossible. Well, we got your back.  Look no further for Fabulously Fit Over 40’s 6 week full proof plan for a leaner and meaner you.  You ready?   Let’s do it.

All you have to do is EXACTLY WHAT WE TELL YOU TO DO!

You do it- it’s pretty full proof.  Now if you are really out of shape/heavy, this program isn’t for you.  It also assumes you have an average fitness level and preferably better.  And for Zod’s sakes, it’s not easy.


Nothing in life worth having doesn’t require hard work and dedication.  You already know this or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

<FFOver40 NOTE>: We are not going to give detailed explanations on the why’s of what you are doing.  Especially when it comes to calculating Macro nutrient %’s  based on your body fat % and goal condition.  To get this kind of specificity-seek us out as Coaches and we’ll be as precise as necessary based on your individual situation.

Trust us when we tell you-this program works and will also work for you.  You have to follow it to the letter though.  If you deviate from the plan-YOU WILL FAIL!

Week 1:

  • DIET-You are going to completely change your Diet.  You can only drink and eat the following things.
  • Water-(A Gallon a Day or more)-
  • PROTEIN-Multi Spectrum Protein Powder- Tuna-Salmon-Skinless Chicken, Ultra lean red meat, Eggs and Egg whites
  • CARBS-Salad-Broccoli-Green Veggies and Oat Meal. Some small green apples or berries and pears are also acceptable. Starches are eliminated!  Bye bye bagels, breads, refined wheat, and every other garbage foodstuff sold at every grocery store.
  • FATS (EFA’s-Essential Fatty Acids)-Udo’s Oil-Flax Seed Oil-MCT Oil-Coconut Oil-Avocado

Obviously-you are not eating Wolfgang Puck every night.  But the program works.  If you want results just follow the plan.

RESISTANCE TRAINING-Full Body Circuit Workout 3x a week.  (Any exercise will do but preferably use compound movements with the following order of muscles trained:

Legs-Chest-Back-Delts-Arms-Abs-Low Back

Sample workout

  • DB squats
  • Chest Press Machine
  • Assisted Pullups
  • DB overhead
  • Delt Press
  • Lying Bench DB Skull Crushers
  • Seated DB 2 Arm Curls
  • Decline Ab Crunches
  • Low Back extensions (you can find any of these exercises with video instruction and pictures on bodybuilding.com here)

Do 2-3 sets including (not including warm ups) for each exercise.  The more advanced your level of conditioning-the less sets you may need and the more intensity techniques you can utilize -like Rest-Pause-Drop Sets and HIT.

Again- dependent on your level of conditioning-shorter rest periods betweens sets will increase natural GH production and also increase lactic acid levels -both of which improve BMR(basal metabolic rate)-making you more efficient at burning calories and enhancing your body’s fat burning.


  • 7 Days a Week
  • 20 Mins of Moderate to High Intensity on Empty Stomach preferable in AM on upon awaking(Stairmaster-Bike-treadmill-running outside-whatever- FFOver40 always recommends ‘low impact HIIT cardio‘ for optimum results. )

WK 2:-Same as Wk 1

WK 3:-On Days you don’t lift add 2nd cardio session for 20 minutes @night.  This will give you two 4 Days a Week where you are doing “2-A Day Cardio Sessions”

WK 4: Same as Wk 3

WK 5: “2-A-Day Cardio Sessions” all 7 Days.  You should be drinking Distilled Water now at a gallon or more a day.  Eating small protein packed meals every 4 hours.  You should be taking VPX Meltdown 3x per day.

WK 6: Same as Week 5 and drinking even more distilled water to flush out impurities in your system.  A good fiber capsule supplement would be helpful to keep you regular in absence of carbs.

Sample Daily Diet including supplements on the plan

  • Wake Up: 1 VPX Meltdown and 20 Mins HIT Cardio on Empty Stomach
  • 30-45 Mins Later:–MEAL 1-Whey Protein Shake with Udos Oil and your Daily Vitamins + 1/2 Cup Oatmeal
  • 3 Hours Later: 1VPX Meltdown
  • Noonish: MEAL 2-Tuna or Lean Protein and Salad-Broccoli etc
  • 2PM: MEAL 3-Protein shake and Small Green Apple(Muscle Milk Lite or Lean Body Womens MRP are perfect solutions here)
  • 3PM: 1VPX Meltdown
  • 5:30-6PM–MEAL 4-Protein with Some EFA’s (after years of recommending nuts like Almonds-we realize they are difficult to digest and can sit in your gut and intestines for too long)
  • If Training Day Skip 5:30-6PM Feeding
  • Immediately following workout-MEAL 5- Whey Protein Shake. If you are desperately craving carbs, consume some now. Something quick burning or high glycemic -Bagel or oatmeal is perfect.
  • 90 Mins after Post Workout Shake or 3 Hours after MEAL 4(Non Training Days)MEAL 5.  Lean Protein with lots of salad or Broccoli.  We love to use Newman’s Own Italian Dressing on top of our salad for its excellent taste and high EFA concentration.
  • If you get hungry before bed-swallow some Fiber Caps with 12 ounces of water.

That’s it.

If you do this as instructed, you’ll be amazed at your results.  And you too can look like these beautiful women:

Follow this advice to the letter and you too will be lean-toned and SEXY!

Follow this advice to the letter and you too will be lean-tone and SEXY!

A couple of notes:

  • VPX Meltdown is an amazing Thermogenic supplement for women.  It really dulls your appetite and also stimulates the stubborn fat receptors to “melt down” from the various Yohimbine HCL akaloids and other synthetic derivatives.  Great stuff.  Just because you aren’t hungry due to the supplement’s appetite dulling effect, doesn’t mean you skip meals or anything of the sort.  Keep it in mind.  You must strive as a woman to eat protein at every feeding.  Protein is the key to stoking your metabolic fires.
  • Strive for 20-25 more grams of protein per day beyond your total bodyweight in pounds. If you know your Lean bodyweight in pounds, it would be better to use that as a basis but it doesn’t matter as much. (ie. if you weigh 125 pounds-you should strive for 145-150gms of Protein per day.
  • The intensity of your Cardio will determine the quality of your results. If you can do one session at a higher intensity and the other more moderate, your results will be better.  Again this really depends on your fitness level.  As the weeks progress the cardio will become easier.  Really.
  • FFOver40 is ready-willing and able to consult with you to tailor your program to your daily grind.  We know how hard it can be when you factor kids-work and everything else into the mix.  Allow us to help.

That’s it.  If you would like to add more supplements to your arsenal, reach out to us via email or FB to discuss.

Now go make em say AHHHH DAYUM….SHE IS SMOKIN HOT!


    • http://www.fabfitover40.com Jay

      Hi Liz! Both Monica and I will be happy to assist you-just ask. We wish you the best of luck. Just don’t give up. And remember 6 weeks is not a long time…if changes are slower..it’s ok….the body must adapt to this kind of effort and performance improvements.