The Truth About Fruit Consumption!

FFOver40 with some information about fruit aka fructose consumption likely to ruffle some feathers.

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The relationship between fruit sugar (Fructose) and normal table sugar (Glucose) has been a source of feverish debate in many fitness circles for decades.  As FFOver40 has discussed on the internet many times before, the net effect of carbohydrate consumption is always dose dependent and time specific.  Meaning, if eaten at the right time and in the right dosage, carbs will typically help replenish muscle glycogen levels to maintain optimal performance for any hard training athlete or competitor.

But there is one BIG IF biochemically when it comes to the consumption of fruit sugar aka fructose.  Fructose has the terrible quality of preferentially refilling liver glycogen.  Why is this bad?   Humans have a very limited capacity for storing glycogen in the liver.  Once you reach that storage capacity, fructose is readily converted to triglyceride and stored as fat.  And even worse the triglyceride usually shows up in a male/female’s most prone areas like hips-love handles and belly. (alpha 2 receptor sites)

<FFOver40 Note> Watch this video for an amazing explanation by Dr Robert H Lustig that delves deep into the science and biochemistry behind fructose consumption.

So if you’re following along:

over consumption of Fruit is a BIG NO-NO for anyone interested in maximizing fat loss.

Fruit clearly has a lot of other beneficial qualities. It is a tremendous source of micro nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants.  It is also essential in helping ward off chronic disease and maintaining immunity.

FFOver40 bottom line:

  • If you are shooting for single digit or in the case of females-competitive level body fat percentages-  your fruit consumption should be strictly minimized. (FFOver40 eats NO FRUIT ever)
  • For anyone else, a couple of servings of Fruit per day (especially high fiber fruit like Berries-Apples-Pears etc)won’t hurt and should offer the micronutrients necessary to maintain a strong and healthy immune system free of sickness and disease. (For Triathletes or athletes competing in sports or activities causing massive caloric burn-fruit is great to quickly replenish and restore liver glycogen levels-More on that in an upcoming blog)

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  • Mário Mourão

    Jay, right now I’m planning to create a calorie surplus of 200kcal in order to grow some muscle. I have dieted heavily, lost 28lbs and I want to get bigger. There is this huge dilemma in my head if I should eat fruit or not, because I want to make some quality gains. I’m leaning towards getting my carbs mostly from oatmeal and sweet potatoes, and eating fruits just before working out (I do Mike Mentzer’s HIT once a week by the way). What’s your take on this? I think your workout and nutrition tips are the best out there!

    • Thanks for reading Brother!
      If you send me a pic-I can probably give you the optimal answer. Meso’s can slam fruit with rarely a problem. But to always be safe eat one of the primary 3 carbs sources-Brown Rice-Yams or Oatmeal.

      Glycofuse if you can afford it is AWESOME during and after workout for mass gain. Best of luck and Thank You for your question!

      • Mário Mourão

        Jay, thanks for the advice! I’ve decided to go for the brown rice, because I’m likely an endo, not a mesomorph. The first time I typed it wrong, sorry about that… I was eating a lot of carbs from fruits, to the point I was consuming almost 50g of fructose all by itself! Though it was from apples, which have fibers, and I was on a caloric deficit, it’s still too much. Relying mainly on oats and brown rice will make my muscle building much cleaner.

        Either way, I’ll send you a pic of mine to get your opinion on my body type. To which email I send it?

        Thanks a lot, man!