The Ultimate Fat Loss Supplement Stack

Are you looking to dramatically reduce your body fat percentage?

Interested in attaining a competition ready physique?

Maybe your goal is a beach or bikini worthy body for an exotic vacation?


If you said yes to any of those questions, this article offers  an over the counter (OTC) supplement stack to optimize fat burning to single digit body fat levels.

It can be followed by a male or a female.  There are some caveats.

  1. You must reduce your caloric intake. (caloric reduction %’s are not the purpose of this blog)
  2. You should preferably reduce your carb consumption after 6PM at night.
  3. You know how to train and have a basic understanding of vitamin and mineral usage.
  4. You can afford to buy and use the supplements necessary.

Assuming all of these things are true and your thyroid is functioning normally, you will see superior results following this approach.

We will outline the supplements used in the stack and give a basic overview of how we use them on a daily basis to get into contest condition.

5 star fat loss

Here is how we use this current stack in our diet.

  • 6:45AM –Wake Up- 1- dosage of base thermogenic, 3 yohimbine HCL caps, 3 green tea capsules, 3 l-carnitine capsules
  • 7AM—’Empty Stomach Cardio‘ for 30 Minutes on stationary bike. (FFOver40 is always Moderate Intensity)
  • 8AM-Meal 1 (protein shake)6-8 fiber capsules, 6 CLA caps-4 MCT Oil Caps
  • 10:30AM-1 dosage of base thermogenic, 3 Green Tea Capsules, 3 Acetyl-L Carnitine Caps,
  • 12PM-Meal 2(Turkey Meatballs & Brown Rice)-6-8 Fiber Capsules, 6 CLA Caps-4MCT Oil Caps
  • 1:30PM-1 dosage of base thermogenic, 4 Green Tea Capsules, 4 Acetyl-L Carnitine Caps, 3 Multi Spectrum EFA Caps
  • 4PM-Meal 3(Turkey Meatballs & Brown Rice)-6-8 Fiber Capsules, 6 CLA Caps-4MCT Oil Caps
  • 6:30PM Meal 4 Training Day Only Post Workout Shake-Protein and Carbs
  • 8PM-Meal 4 or 5(Lean Meat and Green Veggies/Salad)-6-8 Fiber Capsules, 6 CLA Caps-4MCT Oil Capsules
  • 9:30PM-Cardio for 20 Minutes on Stationary Bike(Cardio twice a day on non training days only and dependent on current condition)
  • 10:30PM-Meal 5 or 6-Casein Protein Shake-6-8 Fiber Capsules, 6 CLA Caps-4 MCT Oil Capsules

The Ultimate Fat Loss Supplement Guide

***FFOver40 Notes to MAXIMIZE EFFICACY of The Ultimate Fat Loss Supplement Stack***

_Caloric reduction is different for everybody.  All folks have differing ‘biochemical individuality‘.  This means their biochemical/metabolic response to the foods they consume is unique.

_A guideline for ‘caloric reduction’ is a 15-20% deficit from your normal maintenance intake.  ‘Most people’ can figure maintenance caloric intake at 13-15x bodyweight in pounds.  example-200 pound man would need 3000 calories a day to maintain his bodyweight.

Calorie cycling is a very effective strategy to to shock/confuse your body to reduce it’s body fat percentage while dieting. Fab Fit Over 40 varies caloric consumption daily from 9 calories per pound at the lowest end (non training days only towards the last 4 weeks of a contest diet) all the way up to 16-17 calories per pound in a ‘re-feed/ carb load’ day.

_This stack can be used year round to stay in peak condition.  Make sure you drink at least 3/4th to a gallon of water per day.

_It’s best used for 12-20 weeks in conjunction with a strict diet and exercise program followed by an equal time off to re-set thyroid levels and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).  There is a good chance this program won’t disturb either, but it’s always best to give your body a break.

_Two excellent anti-aging medications to add to this stack are Metformin and Armour Thyroid.  But both should only be subscribed by a progressive regenerative medicine Doctor.

Should you choose to understand any of this better, feel free to work with us directly.

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

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    • Jay

      Hi Alan! Thanks for reading our blog. Please continue to come back as your questions are intelligent and highly relevant. The answer is yes but be careful with such low kcals. 1900 kcals is too low for your bodyweight. I find it rare any individual should go below 10-11 calories per pound ever. Only the most experienced dieter and someone likely using Gear/AAS/Anti Aging drugs. Not training with weights is a BIG NO-NO. MMA training is great but in order for your body to become a calorie burning and muscle building machine (which will ultimately lower your body fat), you need to build muscle. Only consistent-scientific weight training will do that for you. Please keep reading our blog and the articles which will give you great insights and tips into making all of this possible. For specific questions and or help-please reach out to us directly:

      I will write a blog up soon Ask Fab Fit Over 40 Anything!

    • Jay

      Huh? Tim. You need to be careful of who you’re addressing. I appreciate you reading my blog-but my data and empirical knowledge is VAST. Your comment makes no sense. If you would like to adjust it and write specifically-I’d be more than happy to address it.

  • josephnew87

    Guys chkout this absurd method to drop upto 3 Dress Sizes in less than 7 days

  • Daniel Porter

    Are you taking 30 grams of CLA per day or am I reading that wrong?

    • Jay

      30 Grams of CLA for anybody over 200 pounds would be the scientific dosage. It’s a lot-no doubt. But I’ve done it for a couple of months at a time over the last 10 years with no ill effects other than improved fat loss.

  • Daniel Porter

    What thermogenics do you recommend for someone who is sensitive? Some products cause insomnia for me.

    • Jay

      None Man. Some people just can’t use Therms for that reason. Cardio and Diet modifications are your best bet. GH-Ipamorelin are also suggestive adjuncts with a script from a good Endocrinologist.

  • Saajid

    Would it be ok having this stack while doing intermittent fasting (till 3pm twice a week)? Any major adjustments?

    • You definitely could do this while performing IF. Follow same instructions and tweak based on your dietary schedule. Thanks for reading our blog brother!

      • Saajid

        Appreciate the quick reply Jay. Thanks for all the solid info!

  • FitGirl

    Is this for a woman or a man? I want to start taking the L-Cartine and CLA so I started to read different articles and ran into this one. I am a woman and I am weighing 128 (I am 5’5), I am only looking to lean out and burn fat losing about 10 lbs. What do you recommend I do.

    • Lots of articles on the site for you to search. To lose 10 pounds, make sure your diet is lower in carbs, and you’r doing intense progressive weight training.

  • Akash Waraich

    I was checking ur article i could not find vpx md2 what to use in place of it