Protein for Dummies-Part III

Welcome back to the 3rd and final installment of Protein for Dummies.


Hopefully you’ve read article I and article II  and are anxious to learn more about our protein consumption and the various forms of protein we recommend.

Lets start by analyzing our current diet and specifically our protein intake.  Remember from article II about the different forms of protein. Our goal is to try and get 3 out of the 4 types of protein on a daily basis.  There are some days where we will get all 4.

We’re currently dieting (body fat loss phase) preparing for our show- The Golden State Classic in Santa Barbara CA March 22nd.  If you remember from article I, a rule of thumb when dieting is to consume 1gm of protein per pound of lean body weight. Jay currently weighs 214 pounds and is around 6.8% body fat.  Monica is 130 pounds with a body fat % of about 11%

Doing the math -this makes Jay strive for 200 grams of protein while Monica needs 117 grams to maintain muscle tissue and allow our bodies to burn calories at an optimal rate.  To keep our bodies consistently protein nourished, we will attempt to eat every 4 hours.

Here is what our current diet looks like with emphasis on our protein intake per feeding/meal:

  • Meal 3: Same as Meal 2 (36 grams Protein) (Animal-Complete Protein)
  • Meal 4: (if training day) Post Workout Shake with Muscle Milk Vanilla 2 Scoops-1 Scoop Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Cookies and Cream-1 Scoop Myo Fusion Peanut Butter Cookie Dough-Same split with the wife as always. (85 gms of Protein 40% to wife and rest to me)
  • Meal 5: Dinner with proteins coming from one of the following. *Ground Turkey* *Salmon* *Chicken* *Lean red meat* or *Egg Whites* (40-45 grams of Protein per person) (Animal-Complete Protein)
  • Meal 6: on Re-Feed Days (surplus of calories post training for 60-90 minutes every 5th or 6th day depending on condition)it will be another Protein Shake similar to Meal 4 Post Workout-with MCT Oil

Add it all up and you’ll see we always err on the side of caution to get more protein than our daily goal.  We do this because over the course of the week due to our ever changing hectic schedules, there are days where we get less than required.  Cumulatively by overeating on some days and under eating on others, we’ll consistently meet or exceed our protein requirements week to week.

Wheys & Means

Why do we take the Protein supplements listed above?  Because we know and trust the brands.  The supplement industry is for the most part wholly unregulated.  But many of the manufacturers have been around for a long time.  You can use these powder supplements in protein shakesoatmeal, and while cooking (pancakes-oat muffins-etc).  They are also convenient to carry around with you in plastic bags while traveling to add to a shaker bottle with water for some instant ready to drink protein during the course of the day.

Muscle Pharm has been making Combat Powder for more than 3 years now.  It’s an ultra protein spectrum mix discussed in article II and it tastes awesome.  The flavors we use are Cookies and Cream and we purchase it in bulk 4 pound containers at Costco.  Two scoops provides 50 grams of the highest quality easily digesting proteins available.

Gaspari Nutrition is another reputable Protein manufacturer we’ve been using for awhile now.  They make an excellent ultra protein spectrum mix known as MyoFusion.  It comes in 3 delicious flavors but we prefer the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough formulation.  One scoop also provides 25 grams of protein.

Probably the base and most crucial protein supplement we use is Muscle Milk.  I’m sure most of you have used-seen or heard of it due to its widespread availability in the mainstream.  Does anybody really know why it’s widely available?   Because it’s a true protein super food.  Muscle Milk in its various formulations (PowderMRP’s(Meal Replacement Packages),RTDs, Oatmeal, Protein Bars etc) contains EFA’s (essential fatty acids) mixed into the protein formulation.  It was actually patented by a Doctor for burn and wasting patients years ago.  He realized it’s potential use for the health and fitness industry as a true protein super food formulation and a gigantic cottage industry was born.

Muscle Milk powder is the foundation of our protein regimen because the extra EFA’s found in the matrix help with brain functioning, nerve growth and fat loss.  Essential Fatty Acids and their importance to an athlete/physique augmenter should not be underestimated. We consistently carry Muscle Milk powder with us when on the road.  When  traveling, one of the first places we stop is a health food store/pharmacy to buy some pre-packaged Muscle Milk RTDs for additional protein during the course of the day.

whey protein powder - two scoops

We hope you have found the information contained in these articles useful.  We encourage you to visit our site and ask questions or comment about anything as it relates to improving your body and performance thru food and nutrition.

And remember:

Consistent protein intake is ESSENTIAL to building and maintaining an exception physique. Not consuming enough quality protein on a day in day out basis, is the quickest way to derail your efforts at improving your appearance.

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • Dman


    Why that particular combination of protein powders? Is there something in them that Iacking in muscle milk? Would I get 80% of the benefit of your mix just from MM?

    • Jay

      Hey Brother. Read all the articles in this series.

      I mix the proteins for taste and more importantly to get a wider amino acid blend from the diff formulations.

      Hopefully that makes sense to you.

      • Dman

        Jay, thanks. I did read the articles, but I guess I missed that part. Will re read.

        After Mike let the cat out of the bag, I’ve been scouring your site for ways to improve what I’m doing. Thanks for everything.

  • DoubleLongDaddy

    Jay, after Mike and Chaos and pain exposed Gaspari for the amino spiking bitch that he is, whats your take on Gaspari Nutrition. Are there still some of their products that are worth it or is the company black listed from your life?

    • Hey Bro…honestly, I don’t trust ANYBODY in the supplement hustle. The industry is entirely unregulated and anything could be included in the ingredients. Lots of bullshit con men, felons and scam artists in that industry. And lots of them are making TONS of MONEY. I’m partial to what I can get at Costco in Bulk. Muscle Milk Chocolate MRP and Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Cookies and Cream.

      • DoubleLongDaddy

        Thanks for the reference Jay! Maybe people dont tell you often enough but your the go-to guy for no bullshit fitness and nutrition advice. Keep on fighting the good fight. Also on a side note thanks for starting me on the path to Edenism and exposing Melonheads. I recently got tested and confirmed what you had been telling us I have 4% Neanderthal DNA and 2% unknown ( probably Melon or Starchild). Koanic Soul is a really nice blog for spotting the facial differences between Cro-Magnon, Nanderthal, Melonhead and every other race that was created for ruling or slavery.

        • Cool Bro. I really wish I had the time to start a new site on the Esoteric. So much information and knowledge to share.

          • DoubleLongDaddy

            More and more people are developping an interest in this. The amount of info I learned and my reality was completely shattered. Weve been lied to so much.

          • Cedric Roggins

            Id read it Jay- maybe you could do a few posts on a small fast word press blog or at least show us some good links on arcane and esoteric knowledge man as I find the more I read the site the more I agree with what you say on most everything.

          • email me bro…or friend me on FB:

            I will drop you into an awesome Men’s discussion group on all sorts of stuff I believe you’ll find interesting.