I get asked quite a bit by women on what it takes to be a fit mom.  I wanted to dedicate this to the countless women who desire to be a fit mom.  It is far from easy however the rewards are immeasurable.  And trust me, after you finish this blog and see my pictures you will realize you too can do it.

Let me give you a little background about me.  I have 3 kids and have worked full time since as far back as I can remember. I had my first child at 24, my second at 27 and my third at 31 years of age.  With each pregnancy I had my own unique challenges.  My first was easy breezy.  No noticeable issues and I didn’t gain much weight, maybe 30 pounds.  I remember my first doctor, Dr. Campbell, was phenomenal.  He would tell me at each visit, “Don’t use pregnancy to gain weight…too many women use pregnancy as an excuse to gain weight!”   He monitored my weight gain like crazy.  Looking back, I am grateful for a doctor like him.  Sometimes, it helps to have people in your face, telling you like it is (no sugar coating)!  It took me about a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  During my pregnancy, I did work-out to the best of my ability and did so until the day I delivered.  With my second son, I attempted to do the same, but my body seemed to get tired much more quickly.  I was forced to ease back a bit.  With my third child, it became even more difficult to work out and I gained about 40 pounds overall.

After my 3rd child, I had some minor health issues.  I had an umbilical hernia from pushing too hard and it resulted in some physical side effects.  Surgery made it difficult for me to get back into training.  Seriously, it was not easy to get back into shape after my 3rd. My gut/lower abdominal region seemed to hang over my pants and I was not keen on putting on a bikini right a way.  Plus, I now had a protruding belly button sticking out.  I did not feel like the most attractive woman in the world.


After all of that, at one point…I was still working 3 jobs and attempting to be a “fit mom”.  I had no clue what it took to get real, actual results.  I would look at people I felt were in shape and copied much of what they did.  With my time limited, I had to make sacrifices to make sure at least I got my work-outs in.  I got up at 4 am in the morning and went to the gym for about an hour and a half (3-4 days a week).  I did not want to cut into my kids time.  I would make it home before they woke up for school to make sure we all got out smoothly for our day.

My eating habits were not horrible but I had no clue what was actually good for me.  I still loved to splurge at least once a week on Mrs. Field’s Cookies.  It got so bad, the girl over the counter knew me as soon as I walked up and knew what I wanted.  I drank alcohol occasionally.  Drinking alcohol led me to often make a complete ass of myself.  I started to look inward and realized I did not like who I was (physically or emotionally).  I truly felt I had so much more potential in so many areas.

After I split with my ex-husband, I made some major changes in my life.  I did much internal work determining what type of woman I wanted to be.  I knew I wanted to live of my own choosing and not the way others wanted me to live.  At 40 years of age, my workout partner and I decided to amp up our training intensity and prep for a bikini competition.  We had absolutely NO clue what the hell we were doing.  She started right a way looking for a trainer.  I wasn’t sold on a trainer yet and then realized I had no idea how to train for a bikini competition.  My stomach was my biggest weakness.  I wasn’t “fat” however my stomach never looked “sucked in” after my last child.  I decided to hire a trainer in Long Beach (which was crazy since I lived 45 miles away).  I got up at 3:30 am to get to Long Beach on time and I did this for a minimum of 2 days a week(sometimes 3 times in the week).  Crazy, probably?  Determined? Beyond measure!

After training with her for about 5 mos, I started seeing significant changes (mainly because I changed my diet).  I had her holding me accountable to the foods I ate.  I logged what I was eating and realized much of what I was eating was NOT GOOD!   The good thing was I only drank water and I gave up alcohol completely.  I was focused and determined!  I still remember the day  she looked at my stomach and said “finally, it went down”.  I placed 3rd in my first bikini competition (I had no clue how to pose and realized later my trainer was a scam artist)!

The point I want to make is, being fit doesn’t come naturally.  I don’t wake up in the morning and look fit.  It takes conscious effort daily.  I don’t eat crap all the time.  I eat for fuel and I train with my amazing husband (my accountability partner in life).

My tips:

  •  Determine what level of fit you would like to be.  Not everyone wants to be ready for a fitness competition
  •  Find a good trainer or better yet a workout/accountability partner who has similar fitness goals. (For any trainer you hire-check their references, ask for their background and ask personal questions about their finances)
  •  Eat for fuel.  Don’t eat for pleasure.  You will be able to have “pleasurable” foods but have them at a minimum

I am so grateful for all the contrast I went through to get to where I am today.  I am far from perfect and know I have much to improve on which is OK.  I am a work in progress.  The great news is I feel better than I did in my 20’s or in my 30’s.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to sit back and get ready to die.  Life is meant to be lived and most importantly experienced!

Be the BEST YOU at any age!





  • Clint Barton

    Wow! Amazing look, Monica. I hope more moms realize that they can be fit and look great if they put hard work into their diet and their training. It’s good for the self-esteem, health, and sets a great example for the family.

    I love having a mom that pushes me to juice and be healthy. She walks every day for at least half an hour, has a gym membership, and even bought both my brother and me Omega 350 HD VERT juicers for Christmas a few years ago.

    • Thanks Clint Barton! I really appreciate your comments.

      Anyone can be fit if they put hard work into their diet and training. As we age, it doesn’t get any easier to stay in shape. Like Jay and I continuously say to one another, it is about, “Constant and Never-Ending Improvement”.

      So happy for your mom…she sounds like a great inspiration! 2 of my 3 kids have the “fitness bug” whereas my other one is firm on proving me wrong. He is on his own journey and I realize not everyone will have the same goals as I.

      I wish you the best on your journey towards being the best you possible.