12 Steps to a Fabulously Fit Body!

With all the misinformation promulgated by the Bodybuilding and supplement comics-there is a lot of confusion in the fitness industry.  Having spent the last 2 decades around body builders, bikini competitors and other gym rats, I’ve learned there are a few rules that if followed, will guarantee you meet your fitness goals.

Follow these 12 steps to reach your best body ever.

Follow these Tenets and You Will be Good to Go!

Follow these Tenets and You Will be Good to Go!

  1. You must consume a Post Workout Fast Digesting Protein and a Carb Mixture within one hour after your training.   Nothing will build a quality physique faster than making sure this becomes part of your routine after each and every resistance training session.  There is much recent research into consuming one of these Carb/Protein Shakes during the “intra-workout window” additionally.
  2. Consistency of effort.  It really doesn’t matter what exercise program or diet you employ.  What matters is that it becomes a lifestyle or permanent habit.  Fitness is not a hobby.  You will go nowhere fast if you can’t commit to making training and clean eating regular part of your life.
  3. If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail. In all honesty, this is our creedo.  If you want a new body, you have to visualize it first and then methodically detail the steps you will take to attain it.  There are no shortcuts only maps.  You must map out your plan and be as meticulous and detailed as possible to achieve greatness.
  4. The Best Training Program is the one you’re not currently doing.  Let that resonate for a second.  The Human Body is an amazing and dynamic organism.  It continually adapts to it’s environment and training stimuli.  The only way you can continue to hone-sculpt and improve it, is by forcing it to adapt to new training stimuli.  Exercises, sets, reps-grips, rest intervals, time under tension, muscular contraction etc.  Regularly changing your program will continually force your body to progress over its lifetime of training.
  5. HIT (High Intensity)Low Impact Cardio is best for fat loss.   This has been debated and debunked for decades.  But after two decades myself of doing it, I know for a fact its easier to be lean by doing “Short-Frequent and Intense Cardio Sessions” versus long moderate or low intensity ones.  Plus it’s not as boring and most importantly, not tough on the joints or tendons over time.  Talk to anybody who is a hard surface runner in their 60’s and above to find out what kind of damage High Impact Cardio does to your legs over time.
  6. .85 or more Gms of Protein Per pound of lean body weight per day for life. Nothing is more important than giving your body enough protein on a daily basisIt’s the key to strong bones, a fast working metabolism, a healthy endocrine system and an active mind.  Amino Acids are the building blocks of life and without constantly replenishing your bodies protein stores, your life will suck.
  7. For visible Abs, you have to understand how to eat clean, reduce caloric intake and learn to maximally contract your rectus abdominus. These are three very difficult things.  You can learn to diet and eat clean by reading this blog or any of the many knowledgeable authors on nutrition.  Learning how to contract your rectus isn’t quite so easy.  80% of people fail to isolate the muscle when doing a common situp or crunch.  Soon we will offer a blog with video commentary and pictures showing how to perform the movement and isolate the muscle to minimize hip and adductor involvement.
  8. Vitamins-Minerals and Supplements are ABSOLUTEY NECESSARY to build a Champion Physique! Dismiss out of hand any Doctor or other person who tells you otherwise.  Normal food and exercise is not enough with rare exception to get to single digit bodyfat levels.(Pro or Elite Level)  There is no way either of us would look the way we do, if we didn’t take Vitamins-Thermogens, Protein Supplements and EFA’s.  PERIOD!  It costs money in our society to look great.
  9. The Mind-Muscle Connection is more powerful than any supplement, or resistance training program.  Reading about lifting, observing professionals train and practicing the techniques religiously will give you keen insight into visualizing and achieving the lifts before you do them.  I’m serious when I say I visualize performing a lift in my head and contracting the targeted muscles right before performing the lift.  It wasn’t always this way.  Once you understand the technique involved and have the confidence to perform it correctly, your continual progression will start and become permanent with consistency of effort.
  10. Balance in your Hormones-Nutrition and Rest is crucial to attaining lifelong success.  Many people have a tendency to think “More is Better”.  Trust me when I tell you it’s not.  To build a quality physique, you need to make sure your life is in balance.  You need consistent sleep(5-7 hours a night), consistent nutrition(4-6 Meals a day with Lean Protein-Complex Carbs and EFA’s)and consistent 3-4 weekly Weight Training sessions(30-60 Mins per session) and 3-5 Cardio sessions(HIT- and preferably Low Impact and No more than 20 Mins Per Session) per week.
  11. Eliminating the forces of Ego and Momentum from your resistance training. Go to any gym and watch ‘most people’ train. What you’ll see are people ‘throwing’ or ‘bouncing’ weights with completely incorrect form.  In order to build a championship or aesthetically pleasing physique, one must  train with weights in a highly controlled fashion with a preferred cadence of 4 seconds down (eccentric) and a 1 second up (concentric or positive portion of the lift).  Never lift more weight than you can control with perfect form on every set and rep.
  12. Learning how to maximally recruit and contract muscle fibers.  This is not easy and takes most people years before they can actually recruit and contract muscle fibers resulting in a noticeable improvement to their physique.

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Following these 12 steps regularly, regardless of your age or training level will have you looking like this in no time.


Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • Robert

    Regarding 5, how do you measure “long-moderate”? By duration and hear-rate? Good read.

    • Jay

      Thanks for your question Robert. Long Moderate would be best measured by the PRE(Perceived Rate of Exertion) scale. If you can can carry on a conversation while performing the activity-its lower than 4 and somewhere in the moderate to low intensity range. Long-Moderate literally means 40 minute plus at Moderate intensity cardio.

  • XCSkierBen

    Excellent points Jay! Thank you very much. I might add that posture is very important too. I am always trying to be aware of it. My father used to say “don’t slouch…it makes you look weak!”. Good stuff.