The #1 Rule for Building A Fabulously Fit Body

If you’ve ever read a single fitness magazine article about nutrition, you’ve no doubt read about making sure you consume protein and carbs after cessation of your workout.   It’s hammered home everywhere by anybody with a clue about post workout nutrition.   And they are absolutely right. We practice this habit religiously.  I could write volumes about the subject and if you were a reader of my previous blog-you know I already did.  🙂 Remember Step #1 to a Fabulously Fit Body.


You must consume a Post Workout Fast Digesting Protein and a Carb Mixture within one hour after your training. 

In the last 23 years of consistent weight training, we rarely have missed this “Magic Hour” to replenish our body’s glycogen and amino acid stores from a hard training session. Our bodies are continually “re-made” as our cells are regenerated over and over.  It is during this short time interval after your training where your body is most receptive to digesting the amino acids and glucose to rebuild the tissue broken down from your exercise session.

Giving your body this consistent nourishment of rapidly assimilating protein and carbohydrates will ensure you continue to hone a high quality physique for the remainder of your life.  The easiest way to ensure you meet this objective is through post workout protein shakes.


Many gyms around the world have “juice bars” where you can buy a Pre-Made or RTD (Ready to Drink)Shake and consume it within minutes after your workout.  Sometimes you can even have one whipped up for you in a blender while you wait.

If you’re like us, and food preparation is your routine-keep multiple shaker or blender bottles stocked in your cabinets and prepare your shakes before you enter the gym.  Have them sit in your car in a cooler ready to consume as soon as you finish your workout. You can of course eat very lean solid protein sources too.  Chicken-turkey-tuna-salmon-egg whites will work well.  It is much more convenient to get a liquid-easily digestible protein and carb source for rapid amino acid and glycogen replenishment.

There is no hard and fast rule at the amount of protein/carbs required. Jay and Monica usually consume between 30 (Monica) and 50-60 grams of Protein (Jay) and an equal or lesser amount of carbs depending on what of the 3 Phases we’re in.

  • Maintenance (equal amount of carb grams to protein grams)
  • Building muscle  (more carb grams than protein grams)
  • Fat loss (less carb grams then protein grams)

You Wanna Have a Fab Fit Physique-Get Your Post Workout Protein

You can read more on the Protein Powder Formulations we use here.  As always, please feel free to leave questions or comment.

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • Nicole

    Hi there! Thank you for all this great information!
    Do you incorporate any free/cheat meals on a regular basis?

    • Jay

      Hi Nicole. We definitely do. We are busy professionals and sometimes ‘life gets in the way’. I don’t like to think of eating as “cheating” because once we deny our body certain things-it will usually strike back with a vengeance-if you know what I mean. Eating a slice of apple pie or a bowl of ice cream every now and then isn’t going to kill you. A lot depends on your goals. If you are training for a fitness competition-cheat meals/indulgences are better left for after the event. But in a normal life style, eating outside of ‘typical clean eating’ once or twice a week won’t kill you and is encouraged for variety sake. But remember-NO GLUTTONY. One ravenous feast of sugar and fat can set progress back for weeks.

      • Guest

        Thank you for responding so quickly to my question. I thought I sent you a reply so I apologize if you receive 3 separate replies. I will continue to read through your website and do some research as I would like to look and feel better. I currently have a trainer & have been doing some carb cycling that I follow by Chris Powell but I am not seeing the results I was hoping for. Thank you and Monica for all the information on your website!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the quick response to my question. I have tried replying to your post a few times so my apologies if you receive 3 separate replies. I am currently following a carb cycling program from Chris Powell and training with a trainer but haven’t seen the results I was hoping for. I will continue to read through your website and do some research to see if I can find something that may work better for me. Thank you and Monica for all the information on your website!