The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Part I Fat to Fit

Now that summer is here, many readers are yearning to improve their swimsuit body look.  What better time to discuss The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting Part I.


No matter what level of conditioning you find yourself, utilizing these summer dieting rules will help you shed body fat while maintaining healthy and sexy muscle tone.

Because we want this article to apply to everyone regardless of present condition, we’re doing it in 3 installments:

  1. Part I is geared for average folks-offering tips for people who want to go from Fat to Fit
  2. Part II is for folks in good shape but want to step up their game to Fabulously Fit.
  3. Part III is for fitness competitors looking for the latest cutting edge research and tips and tricks.

Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Fat to Fit

  • Eliminating FAST FOOD and Super Market Boxed Foodstuffs from your diet and your pantry.  Need we really discuss why you should?  Throw away EVERYTHING nutritionally worthless.
  • Maintaining your Protein intake so you keep in range of this chart If you’re going to err, eat more protein than you should.  Ensure your Protein comes from the following sources.
  • Meal Preparation.  Preparing your meals on Sunday evening so you have the right food at the right time during your work week.  This will also eliminate the need or desire to cheat.
  • Reduce carbs at every meal as the day goes on. (one exception is Green Fibrous Vegetables or salads) When eating at restaurants, only eat 1/3 of the bun/bread.(If possible and especially for those with the most amount of body fat to lose-eliminate bread altogether.  Use the small fist rule when consuming starchy carbs.(only eat as much as would fit inside your fist)
  • Timely usage of Fat Burners aka Thermogenics on an Empty Stomach 2-3x per day. Thermogenics are always dependent on the individual’s tolerance to them.  There are many highly effective ones to choose from.  It really depends on what you’re looking for: energy or mild stimulant effect, increased heat (thermogenesis), enhanced focus or improved mood or reduced appetite. (A really good one is VPX MD2)

Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Fat to Fit As always, we are here to answer your questions or even coach you to the success of your goals.

Feel Free to read Part II of The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-tips for becoming Fabulously Fit right now.


  • Erik

    love the post…thanks for compiling all this great info in one place. Definitely looking forward to the becoming fabulously fit post.

    it does appear that the protein chart linked to above (under third bullet) is broken…

  • Tony M.

    Great article, really looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

    I wanted to ask you about the turkey meatballs you eat. It sounds great especially since I’m currently on chicken and salmon overload. I don’t have a Trader Joes within 45 min. of me, and most of the ones I find at the local markets (even whole foods) doesn’t have the most nutritious meatballs. Either they’re loaded with preservatives, have breadcrumbs, or the ones that are close in in macros are double the calories. I would like an easier version to make, Do you know if any other brands out there are close? I haven’t been to Costco recently because I have a Sams close by they don’t have anything.

    Thanks again

    • Go the Natural Route. Buy a bunch of ground turkey…crock pot it or broiler…drain the grease and throw in some low sodium seasoning and make meat balls by hand. Little bit of Coconut Oil is great to keep em ‘congealed’. Taste awesome too. Trader Joe’s has like 15 gms trace carbs (6 meatballs)

      • Tony M.


        Yeah I actually went that route, bought a bunch of ultra lean turkey breast mixed in italian seaoning and a couple of pinches of garlic salt. I’m actually eating them now.

        I did use olive oil instead of coconut oil even though I have both. I hear conflicting answers to which is better. On paper olive oil trumps coconut oil. Which is better in your opinion?

        Thanks again!