The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Becoming Fabulously Fit

Thanks for reading Part I of our III part article, The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Fat to Fit.

As we discussed in the first article, Part II is for folks already in shape and ready to become Fabulously Fit.

Follow the Golden Rules of Summer Dieting

  • Carry around a Supplement Box (Your staple supplements are listed here. Leave it in your car in a cool dry place or ladies carry it in your purse.  Make it a habit of carrying it with you throughout the day and keeping it close by.  Your Supplement Box is the key to changing your body composition permanently.  Learn to use what, when and why.
  • Rotating your calories from 11-14 per pound of body weight daily.  As we stated in our recent article about carb cycling, its important to understand your baseline caloric requirement relevant to your desired condition.   Always start at the higher end and move downward as fat loss stalls.  10 calories per pound is the extreme lower end and we don’t recommend anybody going to this level but hard core dieting athletes or fitness competitors. (discussed in the next article)
  • Fasted Morning Cardio. The ultimate equalizer for shedding body fat in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Depending on your current condition, both HIT cardio (Intervals) and Longer Moderate Intensity will work.  Just make sure your thermogenic supplementation is designed to maximize the effectiveness of either.   Honestly we could go on and on about the importance of DAILY AM FASTED CARDIO.  Making this a cornerstone of your daily life activity will pay dividends for decades.
  • Replace Carbs with EFA’s. Use Udo’s Oil or MCT Oil in your Protein Shakes.  Use Virgin Olive Oil, Canola Oil or Coconut Oil to cook with.  Supplement with Fish Oil Capsules, Essential EFA Blend CapsCLA Capsules and or MCT Oil Capsules throughout the day.  EFA’s are truly a key to enjoying a fabulously fit physique.

Udo's Oil

  • Factor in a “Cheat Periodfor 2 hours on a Weekend or Day Off once every 7-10 days. (depending on your life/work schedule).  During this period make a conscious effort to eat unrestrained from one of the following combinations.  Protein and Fat (Nuts-Peanut Butter, Hamburgers Atkins style etc) or more commonly Protein and Carbs (Lean Meat and any clean carb source(Chicken and  Brown rice/potatoes), or Shakes and Gummi Bears, Licorice, Cereal, Oat Meal, Fruits).  *You must avoid eating high glycemic carbs and saturated fat in combination* (ie Candy Bars, Donuts,Pastries, Fast Food Burgers and Fries, Pizza etc).  Doing this will completely unwind and likely reverse any body fat loss made previously.*

In the next and final installment of the Golden Rules of Summer Dieting-Lean to Ripped, we’ll examine secret ninja tactics of advanced fitness competitors, actors, professional athletes and others who make money off their physical appearance.

Employing these strategies will give you a chance at a competition worthy physique.

Be the BEST  YOU at Any Age!

  • Tony M.

    A supplement box is actually a great idea that I have never used, going to give that a try.

    Also looking forward to part 3 as I have been using the Yohimbe/Tyrosine/Caffeine stack. I have a very potent Yohimbe, and have no idea what amounts and how frequently I should be taking this stack.

  • XCSkierBen

    And stay away from picnic food! Ha! graduation party season is in full swing up here. As well as all kinds of summer social events. Lots of junk is served at these gatherings. Burgers, chips, potato salad, hot dogs, macaroni salad blah, blah, blah. Best to eat before hand or bring something with you. The people who throw these shindigs are just going to have to get over you declining their food.

    Which brings me to an idea for a post.

    Would you or Monica ever do an article about declining food or adult beverages at social gatherings? This is not really a problem for me, most people get it, but sometimes it can be awkward. People don’t like to be told no, even if they are used to it from me, or perhaps they take it personal because I don’t eat their triple whip cream & chocolate chunk upside down cake.

    It’s funny how people actually ratchet up pushing food at you when you decline. It’s like a game or a dare. Same goes for alcohol. Just started a summer sand volleyball league thru work. We do it at a bar and I couldn’t believe how people feel the need to push beer at me. I don’t even like beer. Looking them in the eye and giving them stern a stern no doesn’t always work either. Until you bark.

    But maybe there is a better tactic?

    Thanks for the info.


    • Hey Man…I wish there was. But as Mike from D&P has already written time and time again-#normalpeople are passive aggressive and they will hate on you and push buttons as much as they can. I just look people right in the eye and say “I don’t put toxic poisons into my body and suggest you do the same”. If there is any retort, I say “It works for me” and then stare em down to where they change the topic or walk away. Try it sometime. 😉

      • XCSkierBen

        I usually do a variation of that. Ask them if they understand the meaning of no or if they know English. A good stare usually works too. Its mostly just annoying. People just like to fuck with people, especially if you are moving in a positive direction. Quite the society we have built.