The Golden Rules of Summer Dieting Part III-Lean to Ripped!

Now that you’ve read article I (Fat to Fit) and article II (Becoming Fabulously Fit), it’s time to reveal the ultimate in Summer Dieting tricks.

These tips and recommendations are only for the elite of fitness competitors.

They resonate with a small population of people willing to do whatever it takes to be ultra lean and shredded.  These are true Ninja tactics that can dial in your physique to an extremely low body fat %.

Many Hollywood actors, professional athletes and pro fitness competitors, who make a living off of their physical appearance can benefit from utilizing these strategies.

Ripped Physique

To experience optimal results:

Men must be 10% or under body fat

Women should be under 14% body fat.

Without further adieu:

  • Increase your Training Frequency or Training Intensity but not both.  When on restricted calories and lowered carb intakes your body will have lowered glycogen levels which preclude you from training at High Intensities for long durations.  Focus on increasing your training frequency or intensity and make sure to go all out for no more than 45 minutes while lifting.  Example: Train 6 days a week instead of 3 and do fewer sets.  Or in your 3 weekly sessions, perform Rest Pause Set Training for your Entire Workout.  You could also experiment with HIT Training.

  • Consider using the principles of Intermittent Fasting to speed up stalled progress.   Make your last feeding 8PM, do Cardio for a 2nd session at moderate intensity 90 minutes later(Cardio Two-a-Days) and then don’t eat again until between 10AM(Ladies) and 1PM(Men) the following day.  Adding in Fasted Cardio the same morning will dramatically improve results.  (If you sign up for our Newsletter, you will receive a FREE eBOOK with 2 separate Intermittent Fasting Programs-taking ANYONE to a physique they never thought possible)

  • Use this Thermogenic AM Fasted Pre Cardio Cocktail(10-30 minutes efore)
  1. VPX MD 2-2 Caps(much more on this revolutionary new focusing agent in an upcoming blog)
  2. Yohimbine HCL Fat Fader Extreme rubbed in on stubborn body fat areas (this product is just available to the Public- Comment below and we’ll let you know how you can be one of the first to get your hands on some-if you don’t have access to this lotion use Yohimbine HCL at .2/mg per kilogram of bodyweight)
  3. L-Tyrosine-500-3000mgs(Dosage based on bodyweight and discussed in depth in our eBOOK)
  4. Caffeine-200mgs.  This will be discussed much more in our Intermittent Fasting FREE eBOOK you can get by signing up here!

Potent Thermo Cocktail

  • PERFORM ONE of TWO OPTIONS for AM Fasted Cardio every Morning(both of these options come from Lyle McDonald’s book.
  1. Option 1 45-60 Minutes 3-4 RPE of steady state cardio

  2. Option 2 5-10 easy warm up10 minutes of intervals Anywhere from 10-15 seconds hard/ 45seconds easy at 9-10 level intensity (hard portion)(make the easy bits very easy) then 5 minute hard/ 1 minute easy at a perceived exertion of 7-8 during the hard bits.  Perform these Intervals on a machine you don’t usually use to maximize the hormonal response.  Rest completely for 5 minutes.  Finish with 20-40 minutes steady state cardio at an RPE of 3-4.  This should be done on cardio machine you often use,because you’ll burn the most calories since you can perform more work at the same low heart rate.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • IF YOU ARE A MAN use this Hormone Replacement Stack- Testosterone Propionate- Growth Hormone-Proviron and Low Dose Thyroid Hormone***(Drugs provided LEGALLY by an Licensed Endocrinologist or Anti Aging Doctor and only with a prescription for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT))
  • IF YOU ARE A WOMAN use this Hormone Replacement Stack- Ipamorelin- Low Dose Thyroid Hormone***(Drugs provided LEGALLY by an Licensed Endocrinologist or Anti Aging Doctor and only with a prescription)
  • Hire a MENTOR or PHYSIQUE GURU-Someone who has been there and done that.  Somebody who can help you with the removal of the most stubborn of resistant body fat (Alpha 2 Receptors).  This person can get you from Point A to Point Z as strategically and efficiently as humanly possible.

Ripped -Golden Rules of Summer Dieting

Before we discuss or answer comments about Hormone Replacement Therapyplease realize the following:

  • Only a very select population group is willing to head down this path.
  • We only recommend these stacks if they are LEGALLY provided via prescription by a licensed Endocrinologist or Life Extension Doctor.
  • Dosages and scheduling provided by your Doctor only.

If you’re already lean and now looking for EXTREME FAT LOSS and an UTRA SHREDDED PHYSIQUE-mixing in these principles will provide maximum results in minimum time.

Any questions?

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • Tony M.

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Still hovering around 12%bf so I have a few weeks to go before trying any advanced methods…. but this is the type of info that you just aren’t going to find out there. It gives some truthful insight into what it takes to get extremely lean, while maintaing a decent amount of mass. I never understood why I could always attain one or the other, but never both mass and extreme leanness at the same time, that is until I finally faced the reality of it. This article will at the very least make those who are attempting, and aware, that unless they are the top 1% of genetic freaks, that these are the routes quite possibly needed to achieve this type of results.

  • Bullseye

    Jay, this series is brilliant thank you. Non nonsense and written by someone who’s been to the top of the mountain. I will now incorporate no starchy carbs after 8pm.

  • Tony M.

    Hey guys,
    Jay I was asked by a good friend a question I couldn’t answer but told him I had the guy who could.

    My friend had his test levels checked and they were hovering around 200, he is now prescribed trt through a local clinic.

    Prior to him going I told him and explained the benefits of using propionate over the other esthers. He asked exactly for that and they said they agreed but their protocol is a combo of cypionate and propionate combined, and that supposedly you get the benefits from prop, without having to do multiple injections.

    Is theory I guess it makes some sense, what is your take on this?


    • It’s a decent theory.

      The problem with long acting esters is two fold. The long acting esters offer way too many peaks and valleys which result in more side effects because blood levels of test aren’t as stable. Sides like increased estrogen and mood imbalances due to fluctuating blood levels. I also see mild water retention and bloat with longer acting test. It’s always important to mimic the bodies natural production as closely as possible to avoid side effects. Prop and Esterless Test do this best.

      There is already a Test Formula that’s been around for a long time which is suppose to address this belief-Sustanon. Multiple injections of fast acting are always optimal because they will mimic natty production much more efficiently. Why it’s crucial to back fill insulin syringes when using Test EOD or even daily. Reduce injection phobia. 😉

      • Tony M.

        Thank You,

        I figured as much based off what I’ve learned from you. It makes complete sense to mimic levels in a natural way.

        I have heard of Sustanon, but I haven’t really seen much or heard of many trt clinics using an actual mixture of cyp and prop. Obviously Prop is still the best, and I know what you preach is the truth because I’ve seen the clinical trials which back it up.

        I guess the combo is better than just Cypionate if thats all he can obtain. I still don’t completely understand why these clincics are against the use of prop outside of cost difference and avoiding a patient from being scared off by the number of injections. Especially, if one is willing to go that route.

        Thanks again Jay!

        • Because most of the clinics don’t really know JACK SHITE at least in practical applications with athletes, fitness competitors etc. The number of injections is the real culprit. Plus Docs are scared of malpractice lawsuits and people going overboard. Playing with ones endocrinology is no laughing matter. The male HPTA is a very precise system and it’s hard to measure and monitor when everything is not totally controlled. When they prescribe one shot per week even though its not ‘optimal’ for the person receiving the HRT-it’s perfect for them as they are in control from a measurement standpoint much more practically. Remember Modern Medicine is essentially triage theory.

          • Tony M.

            Makes even more sense when broken down like that. Much easier and less problematic for the physician if it’s one injection vs. multiple and less headaches/malpractice.

            Not to mention the Aromatase inhibitors, the hcg, and come to think of it even Sub Q injections. which probably limits the potential of hitting a nerve or vein. Hmmmm…. all of the ancillaries thrown into the mix are probably done so just to cover the physicians ass even if one doesn’t need them.

            Never really thought of it like that. Thanks for opening my eyes…