VPX MD2 Meltdown-The Holy Grail of Fat Burners?

Fab Fit Over 40 have tried a lot of fat burners over the last 20 years.

From Ripped Fuel, to the ECA stack to Thermorexin and various other Thermogenic supplements in between, we’ve used them all.

After using VPX Sports Nutrition’s newest fat burner, MD2 (for a couple of weeks now)-we can honestly say it offers the following:

  • Focus similar to Modafinil
  • Fat burning effect like nothing we’ve used before
  • Clean energy for up to 6 hours on a single 1 capsule dosage
  • No jitteriness or edgy feeling
  • Enhanced sense of well being

MD2-The Holy Grail of Fat Burners

It’s only been on the market for about 6 weeks at the time of this writing and very few people in the sports nutrition industry have used it.

One of the primary ingredients in this fat burner is Theacrinea newer and potent “purine akaloid” naturally occurring in the leaves of a Chinese Tea known as Kucha.

Theacrine is an alkaloid structurally similar to Caffeine, and preliminary evidence suggests that it activates similar signalling pathways. The preliminary evidence also suggests less tolerance with theacrine, but research is too sparse to draw any conclusions.

Early studies indicate this may be a WONDER SUPPLEMENT offering “established anti-inflammatory,  analgesic (pain reducing), as well as anti-depressant effects.”   Come again?  

What if we also told you the research indicates there is no attenuation effect?  

If you’re following along we’re talking about a natural performance enhancer potentially better than Caffeine.  

Had your AHA MOMENT yet?

MD2 Label Claims

We want it known we don’t work for VPX.  They’re not writing us a check to promote the supplement. We are simply giving you our cold hard truth honest feedback on our experience with the product.

This stuff works and it works well.  

It is apparent however, there is very little long term data about its effectiveness and safety.  And as with any CNS stimulant, you will need to take some time off to allow your adrenal glands to recover/normalize.

When you use it with the right diet and exercise program-you will experience significant body fat loss and noticeably enhanced well being and focus.

A lot of folks ask us how we incorporate VPX MD2 into our daily routine?

We made a short video detailing EXACTLY how to use it for maximum fat burning and a leaner physique.

CLICK THIS LINK to discover how we do it or the button below.

  • Chava

    Had 2 caps of this stuff (along with the rest of the thermogenic cocktail) and all I can say is…………GAMECHANGER.

  • It’s pretty amazing to be OTC. I almost think the FDA will recall it soon enough. Theacrine is NO JOKE! Awesome stuff. Glad you liked it. Keep coming back over time to report your results and findings.

    • Brissbrass

      Have you experienced any tolerance issues? So far a week into one cap per day and no decline in effects. Trying to respect this stuff and not go crazy with it.

      • None Brother! 3 Months strong. Go off cold turkey and No ill effects. STOCK UP and LOCK it UP! Why is VPX not paying me? 🙂

  • XCSkierBen


    Thanks for posting this, I will give it a try. I have been looking for a thermogenic. I am hesitant to use one because of the experiences I have had in the past with them. But I need something with a little pick me up right now. I am doing more at work, training and extracurricular activities. Remind me to tell you a story about thermogenics that I had at one of the health food stores in my area. I think you will get a chuckle. Also, wanted to thank you for the other advice you gave me. I am now down another 10lbs. and closing in on 60lbs. lost. So that was very helpful! I still have some blueberries every now and then though. Ha! They are my favorite.

    Also had a quick question about some protein bars and protein powder. I eat the Quest bars and they are great, but I was at Costco yesterday and they had a box of Pure Protein bars on sale. I used to eat those in the past and thought they were okay. Are they good or crap? Also, they had samples of Combat Powder at Costco too and I tried it…and it was great! I sometimes have a problem with whey, but this stuff was excellent. You use that powder? Correct?

    Hope you and Monica are well!


    • Guest

      Quest is better due to Fiber Content. For maximum fat loss, I would eliminate bars altogether as they are ‘processed’ at the end of the day. Yes on Combat Powder mixed up with Myofusion. Great job Ben!

    • Quest is better due to Fiber Content. For maximum fat loss, I would eliminate bars altogether as they are ‘processed’ at the end of the day. Yes on Combat Powder mixed up with Myofusion. Great job Ben!

      • XCSkierBen

        Thanks. Working hard.

  • Jake

    Found your website through D&P. I love my stimulants so I figured I would give this a try. Came in the mail today and popped 2 immediately…. WOW is all I can say, fantastic stuff. Much more than the 300mg of caffeine alone would provide. Going to stock up on a few bottles.

  • Brissbrass

    This stuff is amazing. Stocking up, cause you never know when this communist country will come down with the ban hammer on another amazing substance.

  • Amanda

    And now they are recalled… I was able to find a couple of bottles today at the base exchange. But, only because they havent pulled them from the shelves here yet.

  • CJustice

    I looked into MD2 after hearing about it on the D&P podcast. The little bit available about its effects online looked promising and fit the goal I was setting out on, and gave it a shot (more to give to the lady friend to convince her to get up and go in the morning and just have something ‘new’ to add motivation.

    My point in the details is that I really didn’t expect much from this product besides the caffeine and some increased heart rate for early morning cardio. What I’ve found has been much more than anticipated.

    Starting with just a half dose at 6’1″ & 245 lbs with morning inclined cardio, I was more awake and alert then I’ve ever been from another product. I wanted to keep going, lift after (I resisted until later), and then the following 4-6 hours was in the best mood. I thought maybe it was just the morning cardio being a great start to my day until a Friday we were supposed to go out with friends and I was in a crap mood from work and had zero desire to do much of anything but vegetate. A half dose of MD2 later just to see, and I was fully awake, alert, and had that same great overall feeling that came with the morning sessions.

    I have no doubt MD2 had an effect on my heart rate and it’s thermogenic effect was clear (without the jitteriness from other PWO’s or thermogenics). What is really astounding is the consistent ‘anti-depressant’-like bonus. Anyone else had the same response??

    • Yeah Man….been touting it since Day 1. Also said in the article the FDA would eventually take it down because there was no way they weren’t going to license and sell it themselves eventually. Just wish I would have stocked up on it.

  • Matt White

    Now that MD2 is gone what would you recommend? Thanks

    • Good question. I have no idea right now. Because it’s winter-eating time not using Thermogens at all. But I will definitely have to do some research and put feelers out. Nothing is as good as this though. 🙂

      • Aaron Velarde

        How is this stuff gone? You can stock up right now on this stuff….many people on ebay are selling it.

  • Ryan

    Hey Jay,

    Have you tried the new Meltdown formula? I was looking around and found that you can pick it up again. It looks like the only difference is that they replaced the 4-amino-2-methylpenante citrate with N-methyl tyramine HCL. I was wondering if you had tried the new formula and found it to be effective?

    Keep up the great work! Since I started reading your site I’ve optimized my hormones with the help of Dr Orborn and have implemented your training and nutrition tips. I have gone from 23% BF to 12% and my fasting glucose has gone from 87 to 74. I have never felt better in my life. Thanks again to you and Dr O, you guys have completly changed my life.