Are You Here In the Now?

Gee, time flies doesn’t it?

Do you remember what it was like in your 20’s and 30’s?  I remember being a child thinking how SLOW time passed.  Now as an adult, it seems I can not slow time enough!  I am constantly asking myself, “am I here in the now”?


With time being so precious, are you truly living in the present moment?  When you are at work or with a client, are you focused at the task at hand?  When you are with your children/family/a significant other, are you present or are you thinking about work?

Do you have conversations with people while you are continually glancing at your phone?  When exercising are you focused on your training session or the HOT dude/chick next to you?


Ask yourselves those questions.

These are often the most challenging issues in our “over-stimulated” society.  It seems as if we have forgotten how to be in the present moment.  This is evidenced by the results in our life.  Are your relationships suffering?  Have you lost the connection with your children?  Are you out of shape?  Do you keep getting “looked over” for job promotions?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You get up late and hurry through breakfast.
  • You rush the kids off to school and barely kiss your kid before they run off.
  • You get to the office and return phone calls while checking your emails.
  • You then eat lunch while going over who you need to call after lunch.
  • You hurry through your day because your son/daughter has soccer practice.
  • You pick them up and ask a quick questions of their day (as your phone rings and you answer it as they start to tell you about their day).
  • You get to practice and rush them out of the car so they aren’t late.  You are lucky to get a half hour or so session before you pick them back up.
  • While you are at the gym, you are so busy checking facebook/your text messages, you barely get a workout in.
  • You pick up your child.
  • You hurry through the drive through to make sure everyone gets  their “meal” and get home with just enough time for you to check more emails and for your kid to barely work on their homework.
  • Time for you to disconnect and turn on the TV.

PEOPLE…what are we doing to ourselves and our kids?  OK, so this might be an exaggeration.  However, I am sure some of this sounds familiar.  I would know because I have been there!

I challenge you to invest one day of truly being in the present moment.

  • Look at people and connect with them while you are speaking with one another.  Don’t look at your phone while you are speaking to someone.
  • Be in the moment when you are with your children.  Listen to them laugh.  Look at their faces.  Observe their expressions. Ask them questions and listen to their response.
  • While at work, focus on your task at hand.  Complete one task before moving onto the next.
  • While you are training, FOCUS on your session.  Train your muscles, really train them.  Slowly lift and resist…breathe. Feel the movement.
  • Pay attention to your breathing.  Is your breathing controlled or shallow? Your breathing can center you.  Remember your breathing is an indicator for how you are feeling at any given moment.
  • When you are with your lover, feel their embrace.  Hold their hand.  Discuss your dreams and goals together.  Treasure the intimacy you share.
  • Savor your food.  Be grateful for the food you are placing in your body to nourish it.
  • Look at the beauty which is all around you.  While outside, listen to the birds sing, look at the branches in the trees move with wind, etc.
  • Truly feel your skin.  Feel your clothing touching your skin.
  • Don’t listen to your ego.  Your ego will tell you there are more important things to be doing.  Simply thank your that voice in your head and continue being in the present moment.


Our moments pass by so fast and we can never get those moments back.

Make a conscious choice to embrace and live in the precious present.

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • TomA

    Great article! Being present is something I have struggled with, but I’m working on it everyday. Unplugging and savoring my food will be my personal goals for today. Thanks for the great reminders.