THE TRT Diet for Men

Today we want to discuss the optimal TRT Diet. (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

The Benefits of an Optimal TRT Diet

Mike of Danger & Play along with insights from Jay have offered the MOST AUTHORITATIVE content found online about Testosterone Replacement Therapy-TRT.

If you’re a man already using or even contemplating using TRT, these articles and podcasts are REQUIRED READING and LISTENING.

For the guys already under the care of an endocrinologist or life extension physician, we offer some dietary rules to maximize the effectiveness of your TRT therapy.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know we’ve already discussed daily protein requirements, along with manipulating your insulin levels to maximize fat loss and muscle gain.    Understanding these principles, should allow you to understand what were about to recommend regarding an optimal TRT Diet.

As always, make sure you understand your goal while using Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  Once your specific goal is defined it’s important to adhere to the following:

  • DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL.   Even alcohol in moderation will lessen the effects of HRT.  Alcohol increases estrogen which is a big no-no when undergoing TRT.
  • Kill SUGAR COMPLETELY and minimize Replacement Sugars.  After eating sugar Testosterone levels decrease due to the release of insulin from the pancreas.  The human body doesn’t need sugar.  The rare exception is simple sugars immediately after an intense weight training session.  Other than consuming immediately post workout-eliminate them from your life.
  • Make Sure you consume a lot of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).  You already know UDO’s and MCT Oil are great to throw in your protein shakes and on your salads.  Coconut oil is also great to cook your food with.   You can also consume monounsaturated fats found in nuts, olives, olive oil and avocados.  Research suggests polyunsaturated fats lower testosterone levels, while monounsaturated and some saturated fats raise T levels.  A diet high in EFA‘s will help to keep your body in a state of positive nitrogen retention ensuring your TRT dose is maximally utilized.
  • Eat animal protein including poultry, beef and fish. Red meat is particularly good due to its levels of saturated fat and zinc, a mineral associated with higher Testosterone levels.  If you can afford it, buy grass fed organic meats as they usually lack the chemicals and other estrogenic bi-products found in most grocery store meats.   
  • Consume cruciferous vegetables. Eating Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage will help rid the body of excess estrogen.   Cruciferous vegetables are high in indole-3-carbinol which is an estrogen lowering food compound.  These veggies are also high in fiber which help with weight control and body fat loss.
  • Supplement with Magnesium preferably in the form of Bone Up.  Magnesium can significantly increase Free Testosterone levels in men.  The calcium hydroxyapatite found in Bone Up improves bone mineral density and strengthens ligaments and tendons at the same time.
  • Avoid drinking Green Tea.  There has been recent research showing catechins found in Green Tea lower serum and free testosterone.  Although green tea offers many benefits, its a negative when trying to optimize Testosterone levels.
  • Supplement with a Liver Protectant. We recommend Tyler’s Liver Detox.  Any type of Hormone Therapy can put undue stress on the liver.  Combine that with the harm men face living in large coastal population centers where they are continually bombarded by phytoestrogens from the air, plastics and processed food.
  • Drink Water and preferably a Gallon or more per day.  Stop drinking soda as the carbonic and phosphoric acid is HORRIBLE on your digestive track.  It also plays havoc on your gums and tooth enamel.  Drinking lots of water ensures proper metabolic functioning.
  • Supplement with a quality Prostate Health Protectant.  Even though the prostate risks are overstated when on clinical dosing protocols of TRT, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Why not cover all your bases with the strongest OTC supplement on the market today.
  • Make sure you get VITAMIN D thru sun exposure.   Yes you heard that right.  Get out in the sun for 10-20 minutes 3-4 days per week or visit a tanning salon that offers beds minimizing/avoiding harmful UV spectrum rays.  Vitamin D is CRUCIAL to the formation of the sperm cell and to the production of natural and free testosterone.


If you are a man using TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), following these dietary guidelines will ensure your experience is productive and positive.

Because the world is awash with normal people, many have been led to believe TRT is unhealthy and dangerous.  These same folks will support their opinion with recent studies from the Harvard Medical Review proving Testosterone therapy causes Heart Attacks.  Because we don’t feel the need to address any comment similar, we  STRONGLY RECOMMEND you read this.

If that doesn’t challenge your mainstream media induced thought patterning, nothing ever will.

As with everything we discuss, we need your opinion to tell us how we’re doing.

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • XCSkierBen

    This is excellent Jay. Thank you very much. Very concise. I am going to cut and paste this into a document, then make a PDF so I can review it daily.

    You do good work!

    P.S. The VPX is working wonders. Thanks!

  • Ricky Vaughn

    Great article. I’m afraid that the winter is taking a toll on my health with the lack of sunlight. By the end of winter I have lost a good amount of sex drive. When I get outside in June I feel it come back and I have more energy and inspiration to workout.

    Should I hit a tanning salon or something during winter if I can’t plan a beach getaway?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Absolutely Ricky! I don’t know where you live but there are high end tanning salons which offer NO BURNING UV RAYS. Truly you get sun exposure and no burn or red discoloration on your skin. It’s sad the phobia and outright fear most people have about exposure to the sun. Should be an upcoming blog topic to dispel the misconceptions.

      • Ricky Vaughn

        Thanks for the feedback, will definitely look into this. Cheers!


    If you squint, you can see that the graphic at the top was created by ArtOfManliness for their excellent article, “How to Increase Testosterone Naturally”.

    Very easy to get levels up to 800 ng naturally by following this advice. No paying a doctor to jam cylinders into your ass necessary (unless you’re 70 or you’ve lost a ball in an industrial accident).

    • Jay Campbell



      Jay Campbell
      Distinctively Digital

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  • Dead Vargas

    Incredible, Jay! The best post about optimizing T levels through food! Thank you man!

  • Timmy Jimmy

    It’s not very sunny where I live. I trust vitamin D3 pills would give the same benefits you listed here?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT! Sorry to tell you brother. There is a very dark side the Medicine Profession doesn’t want you to know about not receiving enough sunlight. It doesn’t take a genius to look around and see where the highest suicide rates are highest per capita world wide. Areas that are gloomy. Also SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is just a silly name the Establishment has made up for people who aren’t exposed to enough sunlight is also widely diagnosed in the same areas. Sunlight is critical to optimal health and a vigorous lifestyle. Please understand I’m not saying you need to run out and start tanning yourself for a couple of hours a day. All things in moderation but the utter nonsense and hyperbolic phobia people have about sunlight and uv radiation exposure is HOGWASH. Look around the earth. Without sunlight for 10 Days we’d be extinct as a species. Well -not all the species here but homo sapiens sapiens would be gonzo.

      • Timmy Jimmy

        Thanks for the in-depth reply! Guess I’ll have to start visiting the local tanning salon to get my healthy intake. Thanks for running such an awesome site too.

  • Bullseye

    “There has been recent research showing catechins found in Green Tea lower serum and free testosterone.” I drink green tea as an alternative to coffee, so this is very interesting, would you happen to have any links to studies on this Jay? I had a google around but can’t find any scientific papers on it.

  • Dead Vargas

    Jay, I supplement with theanine, which is a GT extract, every morning. I take 200mg as it is a nootropic. The GT restrictions apply to consuming a theanine pill?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      I think you are good my brother. Don’t see much of a risk there. But as always…tell us what you find. Measure blood and be in the know at all times.

  • bear

    What about spring water from plastic bottles? How much of a contributor is this to increasing estrogen levels?
    On another note, I read an article recently on laundry detergent and how many of the mainstream “unnatural” brands have chemicals in them that are major endocrine disruptors. The “natural” brands don’t appear to cause this issue. Article link is here:
    It seems there are many fronts we have to fight in order to maintain normal healthy T levels

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      That is correct-why supplemental T is best adjunct therapy against everything. Estrogen is everywhere.

  • FabulouslyFitOver40

    Bro….you are a laughable douchebag. My iPhone hiccuped and I posted that comment by accident.

    But now since you wrote two ABSURD comments in a row I will do what is necessary.

    You are a limp dick Beta Male. You know nothing of which you write about or discuss. If you would like to challenge me to an open debate about the topic, I will meet you anywhere and EVISCERATE YOU.

    You would also not say any of the things to my face because I would severely incapacitate you within a matter of seconds. I will allow you to retort now as you hide behind your keyboard.

    Oh wait a minute-let me attack your logic errr nonsense. Who the fuck wants to live at 800 natty test? #normalpeople do.

    You wouldnt ever understand the difference though. I am sure you are needle phobic-scared of side effects etc. Go back under your rock bro.

    Remember this is my site and I will moderate your shit if/when I want. For now I will leave it up to see what kind of game you have in retaliation to me calling your BITCHASS OUT!


    and i’d always thought roid rage was just a myth

  • FabulouslyFitOver40

    #exactly. You called yourself out. You can run away now troll.