The 3 Pillars of Fitness and Nutrition

Big George aka Jim Brown is hungry to contribute and he’s back with another perfectly timed post especially in light of further upcoming TRT articles. Let it rip Big G!

You will never reach any of your goals without controlling the 3 Pillars of Fitness:

Training Intensity


Hormone Levels

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fat, skinny or average.  Whether gaining muscle, losing body fat, getting stronger, or going longer, you will have to achieve balance in all three factors. Mutant genetics (Mesomorphic) will allow you to pay less attention and get away with less structure.  However, if you have average genetics or above and prioritize the 3 Pillars of Fitness-you are quite capable of making permanent changes to your body.

Allow me to break it down.


1)Training Intensity

I touched on this briefly in my 5 tips.  YOU MUST TRAIN with intensity to change your physique.  It’s really that easy.  Go to the gym- TRAIN HARD, have goals and go to positive failure. Get into murder mode in your head and HIT IT. I don’t care what workout you are doing but shoot for a heavier weight or another rep. If you just show up and “workout” your body is NOT going to respond. Your body wants to maintain its current condition (homeostasis)  Consistently training with intensity will force muscle growth (protein synthesis) by proving to your body it MUST be done.



Anyone can go to the gym and train intensely.  There are plenty of guys and girls who bust their ass in the gym. But only the very few make continual progress and hit their goals whether it’s being lean, having abs year round, or putting on muscle. That’s because eating the right food isn’t just an hour in the gym, its a 24/7/365 job.

You have to eat each meal with only one mindset.  Is this getting me closer to my goals? It means ALWAYS LEAVING your house with prepared meals. You CAN find healthy and nutritious food at restaurants but it’s very difficult. You need to be eating the things your body needs to gain muscle, lose fat or get stronger.

Don’t believe me look around you!  I SEE FAT PEOPLE. Ever look at the shopping cart of the family in line next to you at Costco?  You can look at the cart and do a rendering of the body type of the person pushing it.

You have to be different. It’s simple. No processed food.  You want a fantastic looking and feeling body?  Meat, vegetables, fruit and throw in some healthy oils. You want to gain muscle? Add some calories.  You need to lose fat?  Take some calories away. You want to do both at the same time?  Go on TRT and take advantage of intra training nutrition.


3. Hormone Levels.

I am assuming many of the men reading this are in their late 20’s, 30’s and above. Testosterone starts declining for males typically late 20’s. I would HIGHLY recommend you get your hormone levels tested.  Symptoms of low testosterone include muscle loss, strength decline, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, fat gain, decreased energy and work performance and loss of bone density. You can train right and eat right, but if you have low testosterone it will be very difficult to make changes.

Just the mental fog and depression alone is crushing. It may come on slowly without realization until one day you notice you have many of the symptoms.  Just get your blood work done.  Many Dr’s are realizing how much hormone replacement therapy adds to quality of life.  I recommend if you qualify and decide to start HRT, you discuss with your Doctor optimal dosages and timing.

As Mike and Jay have pointed out in various podcasts and articles, MOST DOCTORs are still in the dark ages and recommend once a week administration.  There are much better ways to keep levels consistent and avoid estrogen spikes.

There are no hidden truths or secret handshakes to attain your dream physique.

If you master and control your  3 Pillars of Fitness-training intensity, nutrition and hormone levels, I guarantee you will hit your goals.

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Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!

  • XCSkierBen

    Great stuff George. I think hormonal control is my biggest missing piece of the puzzle. It is something I am just starting to undertake and look into at the moment. I will be having my blood work done next month and hope to get on a good TRT. I have been studying Mike and Jay’s work on TRT and want to be armed when I go into the Dr.’s office. Thanks for your contributions!

  • Glad to hear Ben. We’re all working on a way (In the future) that you’ll only need to be able to carry ‘something’ in to your Doctor’s Office to start you on your path. 😉