Meal Prep for Dummies

Folks often ask us about the way we eat.

At the top right of this site you can search NUTRITION to see much of our current meal prep laid out.


Our meal prep strategy rarely changes, unless we are dieting for a competition.

Our meal prep is easy to prepare, affordable and even more simple to follow.

Below is a video demonstrating how meal prep is a regular part of our lives.

It provides an even clearer picture how anyone could do this for themselves.

Whether you’re overweight(fat), looking to become fabulously fit or even preparing for a competition, this video offers insights into achieving your goal.


Think of it as Meal Prep for Dummies.

Don’t forget to search the site for the nitty gritty details about the carbs we consume, our protein requirements and the low down on our consumption of essential fatty acids.

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  • Steve Romeo

    Thanks for the post. What type of container do you use to store and reheat the meals? Would just any kind that is BPA-free good enough?

  • Bullseye

    Nice video Jay, keep em comin!