If You Drink Smoothies-Read This

Fab Fit Over 40 with a quick word on “Smoothie” consumption.

Many people define “smoothie” differently.  If you are making a Whey Protein Shake at your home and you add some berries or other fibrous fruit to it, and call it a “smoothie”- it’s fine.

If you are a ‘juicer’ and are blending green veggies and kale and other nutritious greens, then again there is plenty of nutritional benefit to that type of smoothie.

If you are buying “Jamba Juice” or any other commercial based “Fruit Laden Smoothies” it’s time for us to lecture you.



Smoothie Not Worth Drinking

Those drinks are absolute GARBAGE! 

They are nutritionally worthless , laden with high fructose corn syrup and other simple carbs   Drinking them will seriously derail your efforts at having a lean, toned and sexy physique.

And before you even ask, adding soy protein or other silly “healthy mixers” to them won’t improve their nutritional value one bit.

Our recommendation is to stay away and avoid at all costs.  Consuming commercial smoothies regularly does nothing but raise your blood sugar, crash your insulin and MAKE YOU FAT!

Your ‘smoothies’ should always be of the variety found here.


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  • XCSkierBen

    Jamba Juice blows. Ha! They also partner with Nestle so who KNOWS what they put in their little juice drinkies. Here’s a thought, take the money you waste on your Jamba Junk and put it towards a gym membership. I have a coworker who goes to JJ and other places like that and then wonders why she can’t get rid of that last 5-8 lbs.