Fab Fit Over 40’s Protein Shake Recipe

We dropped this video to our Newsletter subscribers demonstrating our custom protein shake recipes.

In it, you will learn how we make our protein shakes both as a meal combined with EFA’s and also for post workout nutrition.

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  • Ben

    This is excellent. Thanks Jay. Here’s a different question. Are there any protein powders that you should stay away from? Any brands? I have read that there are some with a lot of fillers and other junk. They just didn’t really say which ones.This was one article.



    • Hi Ben! Thanks for contributing to our site. Unfortunately the supplement industry is for the most part unregulated. We should do a post on Brands which are solid and been around for a long time. I have been using Optimum Nutrition and Muscle Milk for more than a decade. Muscle Pharm is a newer product I’ve been using endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Honestly best advice/policy is to use and monitor your physique and how you feel. Anything with bad particulates/fillers you should know. Also by how it mixes and digests if a protein powder. I look forward to your continued thoughts. “A prison planet we are”.

      • Ben

        Thanks. I thought about that comment after I posted it. Probably not a good idea to trash other products. I should have worded it differently. I do enjoy the Muscle Pharm stuff.

  • Pieter C.

    Hey Jay, nice video! I just take 1 scoop of protein with 5g of creatine and will be adding more ingredients like the cinnamon. I have access to locally made coconut oil and some organic bananas. I don’t want to change your whole recipe, but would the bananas and coconut oil be good choices for money saving purposes?

    • It depends on your goals brother. Bananas are high fructose sugar and much better if your goal is gaining weight. If fat loss is your goal, I would not be using them. Lots of info here about Fructose and how it should be used relative to your goals. Coconut oil is great in any modality or goal. Thank you for reading!