Check Your Ego & Kill The Momentum

Walk into any gym today and look around.   Does this video look familiar?

Do you know what is going on?  People are ‘weight training’ (while not understanding what they’re doing) utilizing the force of momentum to execute their reps.

If you relate to any of the movements or techniques on display, you should pay close attention.

Jim Brown already talked about it, and we mentioned it here and here.

In order to craft a fabulously fit physique:



Don’t be embarrassed to ask a qualified trainer for help.  Don’t be ashamed to lift a weight lighter than what your ego tells you should lift.  Don’t be ‘that guy or girl” in the gym training for years accomplishing nothing.

Be honest with yourself.  The only things guaranteed from years of training with poor form and technique are injuries, muscle imbalances and a body that never changes.

You will never change your physique unless you lift weights in a controlled fashion while maximally contracting your muscle fibers.

Focus on doing the 3 things Jim demands.  And do as he says:

Go to the gym- TRAIN HARD, have goals and go to positive failure

A lifting rep speed of 2 seconds up (positive or concentric phase) and 4 seconds down (negative or eccentric phase) will yield optimal results.

If you use form and technique like this you will be golden:

Be the BEST YOU at Any Age!