What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

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FFOver40 found this fascinating article written by Stephen Braun on caffeine and it's various effects on brain chemistry. What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain. We recommend you read it.  Especially if you use Thermogenics or drink significant amounts of Coffee and Diet Sodas. We welcome your comments?   … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Benefits of Modafinil?

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If not, you should definitely check out this article from Danger and Play. "For people who respond to Modafinil, it’s simply a wonder drug. “Magic pill” and “silver bullet” come to my mind when discussing Modafinil." "On Modafinil, there’s no delay in retrieving information. Everything is just there - all at once. My brain feels like its a spider web where all of the … [Read more...]

How Unrealistic Optimism is Maintained in the Face of Reality


FFOver40 just found this article and believe it worthy of your eyes. Nothing is really ever as it seems apparently in the human brain. Unrealistic optimism is a pervasive human trait that influences domains ranging from personal relationships to politics and finance. How people maintain unrealistic optimism, despite frequently encountering information that challenges those … [Read more...]