“You’re Not Taking Steroids Dummy”

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If FFOver40 hears one more person say they are taking "Steroids" or were prescribed "Steroids" by their Doctor when in fact they were on a course of "Cortico-Steroids", we're going to go crazy. This one of the most misused terminologies in the day to day English language.  Even many Doctors are clueless to the differences when cavalierly discussing the drugs with their … [Read more...]

Fab Fit Over 40’s Advice: Stop Procrastinating!

Fabulously Fit Over 40, Fitness Models Over 40, Over 40 Fitness Models

Fab Fit Over40 with a quick commentary on the evil of procrastination. There is no reason why anybody who reads this blog can't do anything they want to do in life. Every one of us has bad and good days.  The people who choose to work around and through the bad days by finishing their to-do lists are the ones who achieve true success in life. In the last week, I've heard far … [Read more...]