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FFOver40 wanted to throw a quick blog together for all the fit conscious ladies.  It's definitely that time of the year.  Folks on the east coast (and other global cold weather climes)are dreaming of showing off their new bikini bodies. Maybe you're preparing for a wedding?  Or going on a cruise, or maybe an exotic beach vacation?  Or maybe you are in the planning stages of … [Read more...]



My best days are behind me.  Have I really thought this?  In my mid 30’s I remember looking at myself and thinking similar thoughts.  Is this true?  HELL NO! Let me preface this by saying...hormonally we all will experience change as we get older.  As your body ages, it is important to be aware of the changes but seek to avoid the emotional turmoil they often bring.  The … [Read more...]

JayMonica Can Do This For Any of You!

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Jay is working with his younger sister on helping her improving her conditioning before her wedding in April. She is still in her 20's but we can offer this high level scientific training and nutritional advice for anybody regardless of age or condition. Reach out to us today. On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 5:32 PM, Jay  wrote: Hi Caity! I can make this much more evolved but I … [Read more...]

The Cornerstone of Daily Accomplishment?

Fabulously Fit Over 40, Over 40 Fitness Models

FFOver40 with a quick little post. When people ask us what is the key to appearing in such lean condition year round, we wish we could just show them this picture.  ;) AM CARDIO....AM CARDIO....AM CARDIO......AM CARDIO...... If you need more, search this site. Oh and as you age, THIS becomes even more important. Have a great day!   … [Read more...]