The Ultimate Fat Loss Supplement Stack


Are you looking to dramatically reduce your body fat percentage? Interested in attaining a competition ready physique? Maybe your goal is a beach or bikini worthy body for an exotic vacation? If you said yes to any of those questions, this article offers  an over the counter (OTC) supplement stack to optimize fat burning to single digit body fat levels. It can be … [Read more...]

A Bikini Body in 6 Weeks Guaranteed!

Sexy Monica Diaz-Fabulously Fit Over 40 Fitness Model

We wanted to throw a quick blog together for all the fit conscious ladies. Maybe you're preparing for a wedding?  Or going on a cruise, or maybe an exotic beach vacation? Most gals dream of showing off a new bathing suit. Maybe you wanna rock a 2 piece bikini- but do you look the part? It can be really confusing trying to figure it out.  Dieting, training, cardio, … [Read more...]

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

Fabulously Fit Over 40

FFOver40 found this fascinating article written by Stephen Braun on caffeine and it's various effects on brain chemistry. What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain. We recommend you read it.  Especially if you use Thermogenics or drink significant amounts of Coffee and Diet Sodas. We welcome your comments?   … [Read more...]

FabFitOver 40’s Master Series on Dieting-Part 1-The Practical Approach

Adults on a Diet in 2014

FFOver40 has been asked ad nauseum over the years on the proper way to diet.  We really wish there was a one size fits all approach and or answer.  There just isn't one. There is so much mis and dis information circulating thru the general public about"losing weight". Even the basic concept of "weight loss" is a misnomer in and of itself.  The terminology is useless and a … [Read more...]